• Is LED desk lamp good for eyes?

    Is LED desk lamp good for eyes?

    Qualified LED desk lights are good for eye protection and will not hurt your eyes. However, there are many LED desk lights on the market that are of unqualified quality and may be harmful to eyesight. The main reasons for unqualified LED lights hurting the eyes are the following: Desk lamp brigh...
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  • Night Light Guide

    Night Light Guide

    Night light The night light is soft, which guides the lighting in the dark, and at the same time has the function of a multi-purpose light. The shape of the night light is ever-changing, and the materials include ceramics, wood, iron, acrylic, metal and other materials. The night light is soft an...
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  • Can the nightlight be used?

    Can the nightlight be used?

    Can the portable light be used? Many people say that the night light affects the baby’s growth and development, and even affects the child’s emotions. Can the nightlight be used? How to use the most scientific and reasonable? In fact, just solve a problem.The first is not to turn on ...
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  • Desk Lamp Guide

    Desk Lamp Guide

    What is a desk lamp? Desk lamp refers to an electric lamp with a base that is placed on a table. It is small and exquisite and easy to carry. The desk lamp is mainly for decoration, which is convenient for reading, studying and working. The Desk lamp has far exceeded the value of the desk lamp i...
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  • What Is A Wake-up Lamp?

    What Is A Wake-up Lamp?

    What is the best wake-up lamp? Waking up is no fun. We all know how it feels to enter late at night, only to be suddenly pulled by a rude alarm clock. Thankfully, the alarm clock has changed a lot in the past few years, so the feeling of awakening the cold may soon become a thing of the past.Than...
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  • How to choose appropriate desk lamp?

    How to choose appropriate desk lamp?

    At some point in our childhoods, we were all warned that reading in poor light would ruin our eyes. Later on when many of us got glasses, we even felt guilty about the time we spent under the covers reading bedtime stories by flashlight. But was poor reading light really the cause of our vision l...
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  • LED Makeup Mirror Light

    LED Makeup Mirror Light

    Our R & D teams is developing a new and fashionable LED Make-up Mirror Light, which will be launched in the end of October, 2019. So stay tuned for this new item !!!
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