Choice of eye protection table lamp and ordinary table lamp

In this era of many intelligences, more and more electronic products are being developed, and so are table lamps with a wide variety of types. But in the face of so many kinds of table lamps, which table lamps are aimed at the user’s health and eye protection?

In life, our eyes are extremely important, especially students, children and office workers. Table lamp is a common equipment needed for home lighting and work. Therefore, a healthy and comfortable table lamp is essential.

The use of the desk lamp is very particular, because the light source of the desk lamp is relatively concentrated and has strong directivity. When reading and writing, if the lamp is close, the light is too strong, and there is glare, it will damage the glasses, if the light is far away, It is easy to be blocked by the head, hands and upper body, and it is also prone to glare. Therefore, when reading and studying, you should adjust the position of the lamp head according to the brightness of the light, the position of the user’s head, and the position of the lamp to ensure the proper brightness of the books and desktop.

The choice of eye protection lamp must be careful!
1. For the type of light source, halogen lamps, fluorescent energy-saving lamps and LED lamps have their own strengths and are not perfect. Therefore, you can only choose the type of light source based on the characteristics that you are most concerned about (such as spectrum, light stability), and don’t try to cover everything.

2. If you use a halogen lamp/incandescent lamp, choose a table lamp with simple on/off instead of a table lamp with its own dimming function. These dimming desk lamps use fast on/off current to achieve dimming function, which will cause serious stroboscopic problems.

3. If you use LED lights, be especially cautious. Although the cost of LED lights is very low and there are many problems, try to choose recognized international brands, and don’t choose table lamps that are branded, OEM, or promoted by advertising. Because the performance of the LED desk lamp is not only related to the LED light source, but also related to the circuit that drives the light source. No matter how good the light source is, when used in these miscellaneous/OEM lamps, there will often be weird bad light effects (such as stroboscopic problems).

4. The height and angle of the lampshade must be flexibly adjustable to realize the dimming function and avoid glare and reflection problems.

5. Don’t think that “expensive is good, at least not too bad.” There is no evidence that “high-priced desk lamps are good desk lamps”, but there are many counter-examples. Many ordinary desk lamps are using high prices as “gimmicks” to mislead consumers. Therefore, one should not judge the advantages and disadvantages based on the price, but rationally choose the table lamp from the type of light source and the structure of the lamp.

The reason why ordinary desk lamps hurt the eyes is nothing more than the lack of anti-glare, blue light and strobe. Therefore, during the development, Yanxuan put forward high requirements on these three aspects. At any cost, it designed dual light sources to balance the ambient light. The anti-blue light effect must pass the strict EU photobiological safety test, and the light flicker frequency should be close to natural light. Many users performed a simple stroboscopic test on the lights with their mobile phone cameras when they posted orders. In fact, in this lamp on the mobile phone screen, there is no flickering light area.

Therefore, choosing the right eye protection desk lamp is equivalent to choosing a healthy eye protection protection for yourself. Don’t think it is expensive, because you will know that this selection method is very clear.

Post time: Oct-14-2020