Desk Lamp Guide

What is a desk lamp?

Desk lamp refers to an electric lamp with a base that is placed on a table. It is small and exquisite and easy to carry.
The desk lamp is mainly for decoration, which is convenient for reading, studying and working. The Desk lamp has far exceeded the value of the desk lamp itself, and the desk lamp has become a work of art.
Work:Lighting decoration;
Features:Reading lamp, decorative lamp, floor lamp;
Control method classification:Button type, touch type, foot type;
Summary of features:Healthy, portable, eye protection, lighting, beautiful;
Lighting classification:Incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, LED;
Light source color temperature:Warm light, cold light, white light;
Style introduction:Modern desk lamp, antique desk lamp, European desk lamp.

Table of Contents

1、 Brief  introduction 2、Control method classification
2.2、 Brightness adjustable
3、Development History
4、Desk lamp developmenttrend 5、Performance requirements
5.2、Shopping tips
6、Summary of features
6.2、High quality
6.3、Style design
7、How to use 8、Precautions
9、The main purpose

brief introduction

1. There are seat lightings that can be placed on a flat desk stand, usually with a shade .
2. Lamps designed or used for reading.
Desk lamp is a kind of household appliances used for lighting in people’s lives The bulbs used for general desk lamps are incandescent lamps and energy-saving bulbs .
3. Myopia eye protection desk lamp , using blue and ultraviolet isolation technology, color rendering index above 94.
The desk lamps are classified according to the use function: reading desk lamps, decorative desk lamps, accompanying reading desk lamps, portable desk lamps.
Reading desk lamp, the shape of the lamp body is simple and light, refers to the desk lamp specially used for reading and writing, this desk lamp can generally adjust the height of the lamp post, the direction and brightness of the light, mainly for the reading function of lighting.
The decorative desk lamp has a luxurious appearance, diverse materials and styles, and a complicated lamp body structure, which is used to embellish the space effect. The decoration function and the lighting function are equally important.
Bedroom lamp has gone far beyond the value of the lamp itself, the lamp has become a rare work of art, in light fitting reloading under decorated concept, decorative lamp function will be more obvious.
In addition to reading and decorating the desk lamp. The latest technology is like a robot, which can move, dance, automatically dimming, play music, clock, video,
The functions such as touch, especially the desk lamp of ceramic craft also have the value of collection.
What role does lighting play in home life? In the dark, the lights are elves, and they are experts in creating warm atmosphere. Through the level of light and shadow, the space is full of vitality; during the day, the lamps and lanterns are transformed into the decorative arts of the room, which is dotted with furniture, cloth art, and decorations.

Desk Lamp Control Method Classification

1. Touch

The principle of the touch desk lamp is to install an electronic touch IC inside, and form a control loop with the electrode sheet at the touch point of the desk lamp .
When the human body touches the sensing electrode sheet, the touch signal is sent to the touch sensing terminal by pulsating direct current to generate a pulse signal , and then the touch sensing terminal will send out a trigger pulse signal to control the light to turn on; touch again, the touch signal will be pulsated again The direct current generates a pulse signal and transmits it to the touch-sensing terminal. At this time, the touch-sensing terminal will stop sending out the trigger pulse signal. When the alternating current crosses zero, the lamp will go out naturally.
However, sometimes it will light up by itself after power failure or unstable voltage, and it can also be controlled if you touch paper or cloth with excellent sensitivity to received signals.

2. Brightness adjustable

The working principle of the adjustable desk lamp is a resistance-capacitance phase-shift circuit composed of a resistor R2, a potentiometer RP1, and a capacitor C. By adjusting RP1, the conduction angle of the bidirectional thyristor V can be changed, thereby changing the brightness of the light bulb EL. Resistor R1 is a current limiting resistor. The charging speed of C is also related to the parallel circuit.
When R1 and RP2 are fixed, the size of the shunt is determined by the resistance of the photoresistor RL. When the grid voltage rises, the light brightness increases, the RL resistance value decreases, the shunt increases, the voltage across the capacitor C rises slowly, the thyristor V conduction angle decreases, the output voltage decreases, and the light brightness decreases; otherwise, when the grid When the voltage drops, the RL resistance increases, the shunt decreases, the thyristor conduction angle increases, the output voltage increases, and the light brightness increases. The light brightness automatically stabilizes at the set value.

Desk Lamp Development History

IngoMaurer was a German designer born in 1931. Design magazines large and small seem to have to mention this “poet of light”. There is no doubt that IngoMaurer is the designer who put the most effort and wisdom into the light (lamp) in the world.
So far, IngoMaurer has designed more than 120 different types of lights and lighting installations, and there are countless exhibition sites in the world, public spaces , architectural facilities, and the beautiful atmosphere of private spaces are created by IngoMaurer. IngoMaurer’s earliest spontaneous
 The design of the ground (light) comes from his fascination with lights, which he described as “perfectunion of technology and poetry” (the harmonious combination of technology and poetry). In 1966, IngoMaurer benefited from Pop Art and designed its first work: a desk lamp with a huge light bulb, which completed its salute to Edison , the inventor of the electric light For more than 30 years thereafter, IngoMaurer has been constantly creating for the poetic pursuit of light, simple beauty.
In 1992, Lucellino fell into the world with poetic angel wings-this is also IngoMaurer’s most acclaimed and best-selling work. The “poet” working in Munich is neither a minimalist nor a designer who firmly adheres to those design theories. Only the pursuit of “infinite diversity” is what IngoMaure’s piece by piece is to elucidate calmly. For him, design is nothing but an interesting science that can draw inspiration from everyday life. The creation of one piece of work can be said to be an encounter with inspiration again and again. IngoMaurer captures them (inspiration) with his quiet keenness, and then uses his poetic temperament to show all the beauty to a pair Eyes. And IngoMaure’s research and innovation of light materials is the prerequisite for shaping a piece of poetic work. Ingo has been thinking about using “paper” to shape the shape of light since he was a school printer in his school days.
Lampampe in 1980 and Zettel’z in 1997 came from the creation of paper. The use of fabrics and sculptural visual effects are another major feature in Ingo’s design. IngoMaure is still at the forefront of technology and is a “pioneer poet”.
The LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) technology has just appeared, and IngoMaure immediately applied it to the design of LaBellissima Brutta (1997), allowing new technologies to radiate poetry. The design of subsequent works ohoodoo (1999), Stardust (2000) and El.E. Dee (2001) all continued the poetic design aesthetics of IngoMaure’s experimental style and technological pioneer.

Desk lamp development trend

There are many types of desk lamps today, and the bulbs are divided into: energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps , and LED bulbs . The control methods are: switch control, touch control, adjustable brightness, and even voice control . But what consumers need is a practical, energy-saving and reliable product. Under the National Eleventh Five-Year Plan , the promotion of LED and other energy-saving products has become more popular.

Desk Lamp Performance requirements

When the writing desk lamp is in the normal working position, the main optical performance requirements are three points
(1) Shading
In the normal sitting position, the human eye looks horizontally, and the inner wall of the lampshade and the light source should not be seen;
(2) Desktop illumination requirements
The work area irradiated by the desk lamp should be 250lx-500lx, and the minimum illuminance should be ≥120lx.
(3) Illumination uniformity requirements
It should be ensured that the work area irradiated by the desk lamp has relatively uniform illumination, and no particularly bright or dark light spots can be produced . Only by ensuring these three basic optical performance requirements can eye fatigue be reduced and it can be called a desk writing lamp.


According to the style, there are: modern desk lamp, antique desk lamp, European desk lamp, Chinese desk lamp, luxury, simplicity, fashion, etc.
According to the material classification: hardware desk lamp, resin desk lamp, glass desk lamp, crystal desk lamp , solid wood desk lamp, ceramic desk lamp and so on.
 The advantages and disadvantages of different desk lamps:
1. The advantages of wrought iron desk lamp: stylish, modern, diverse shapes, suitable for versatile decoration, low price. Disadvantages: easy to rust.
2. Crystal desk lamp advantages: suitable for luxurious decoration, beautiful, grade, large size, heavy and luxurious. Disadvantages: fragile and high price.
3. Wooden art lamp: advantages: classic, simple shape, suitable for Chinese decoration, the price is moderate. Disadvantages: easy to break, fade, and glue.
4. Acrylic desk lamp advantages: small size, low price, easy to carry. Disadvantages: not upscale.
5. Advantages of resin desk lamp: suitable for European-style decoration, complex lamp body structure, noble and elegant style. Disadvantages: easy to fade after a long time, the price is high.
6. Jade desk lamp advantages: exquisite and transparent, high collection value, disadvantages: high price and fragile.
7. Ceramic desk lamp advantages: art, classic, diverse styles, strong viewing, durable, and affordable. Disadvantages: fragile.

Shopping tips

There are generally four types of light sources for writing desk lamps: incandescent lamps , halogen lamps , fluorescent lamps , and LEDs . The four types of light sources have their own advantages and disadvantages. Different people may like the light color and brightness of different light sources, which should be suitable for each person. In order to be able to project most of the light onto the desk, the installation position of the light source of the writing desk lamp is usually horizontal or downward.
When choosing a writing desk lamp, in addition to checking its optical performance, you should also check whether other performance is qualified.
One pull, two tone, three shake, four touch.
“Pull”: Pull the plug of the power cord away from the socket , and forcefully pull the power cord out of the lamp cavity to see if the power cord is firmly connected. The power cord cannot be detached from the lamp cavity.
“Adjustment”: adjust various working positions of the desk lamp. When adjusting, no sound can be made. After adjustment, the working position should be able to be locked conveniently and reliably.
“Shake”: Adjust the desk lamp to the most unfavorable working position, and then gently shake the surface on which the desk lamp is placed to see if the desk lamp is easy to tip over. If the desk lamp is not stable enough, it will easily tip over.
“Touch”: After lighting the desk lamp for a period of time (2 hours), touch the lampshade with the hand to easily touch the heating parts during use to prevent accidental burns in the future.
Here are the top ten lamps brand for consumers to choose: Philips (PHILIPS), Osram , child as Po , Ming up (MKD), Liang Liang, Matsushita (Panasonic), crown Ya (GUANYA), Op lighting (OPPLE), long amount DP, Kailin desk lamp, Donglian lighting.

Desk Lamp Summary of features


When you must use indoor lighting, you should grasp the five principles of lighting:
1. With extensive lighting, the light should illuminate the entire desktop;
2. Adopt uniform illumination, the illumination of each part must be consistent;
3. Maintain stable lighting, and keep the light source from dark or bright;
4. Maintain adequate lighting;
5. Finally, be careful not to let light shine directly on your eyes.
★ There should be common sense of healthy lighting when using lamps: for example, the optimal illuminance for reading has a great relationship with age, and the illuminance required by the elderly is 15 times that of children.
★ Why does the high-frequency eye protection lamp have electromagnetic radiation?
In order to overcome the stroboscopic of 50hz fluorescent lamp, the high-frequency eye protection lamp adopts the frequency of 40,000 ~ 55,000hz, which will inevitably bring electromagnetic radiation of high-frequency power supply . Environmental protection experts pointed out that excessive electromagnetic radiation may cause heart palpitations, insomnia, leukopenia , memory loss, and even reduced immune function, and damage to the heart, blood system, and nervous system.
Electromagnetic radiation damage is cumulative. The closer the distance, the lighter the weight and the greater the damage. It is a consensus that more protection and less danger.
★ Led is a semiconductor solid light-emitting device: it has the advantages of small size, light weight, high brightness, low energy consumption, long life, high safety, high color purity, good directionality, low maintenance cost, environmental protection and no pollution.
★ Led lighting is a green light source: low operating voltage, low power consumption; stable performance and long life (usually 100,000 hours); impact resistance, strong vibration resistance; led lighting products can provide high-quality light environment The light effect of the lighting system has no infrared and ultraviolet components, high color rendering and strong directional light emission; good dimming performance, no visual error when the color temperature changes; low heat generation of cold light source, you can safely touch Improve glare, reduce and eliminate light pollution . Zero stroboscopic, will not make eyes tired. No electromagnetic radiation, prevent radiation pollution and protect the brain.
It can not only provide a comfortable lighting space, but also meet people’s physiological and health needs, and is an environmentally friendly health light source. Long-term use can protect eyesight and prevent myopia .
1. Expensive;
2. There is still a big gap between the generally achievable optical efficiency and the theoretical optical efficiency;
3. There is a big gap between the achievable life and the theoretical life (100,000 hours);
4. There is still a certain amount of heat;
5. Light attenuation can also be greatly reduced.

high quality

★ High-quality light source is the foundation of green lighting . High-quality light sources should have the following three characteristics.
First, there should be no ultraviolet light or infrared light in the spectral components Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays for a long time will not only easily cause keratitis , but also cause damage to the lens, retina , choroid, etc. Infrared rays are easily absorbed by water. Excessive infrared rays are absorbed in large amounts when they collect through the lens of the human eye. Over time, the lens will degenerate, leading to cataracts.
Second, the color temperature of light should be close to natural light. People live in natural light for a long time, and the human eye has strong adaptability to natural light and good visual effects.
Third, the light is flashless. The power supply frequency of the ordinary fluorescent lamp is 50 Hz, which means that the light is dimmed 100 times per second when shining. It is a low-frequency stroboscopic light, which will make the regulating organs of the human eye in a tense regulatory state, resulting in visual fatigue . If the frequency when emitting light is increased to more than hundreds or tens of thousands of hertz-become a high frequency, the human eye will not feel the stroboscopic; but the real non-stroboscopic is DC power supply or semiconductor solid light-emitting devices (such as LED light-emitting diodes) The light emitted is called a flashless flash.
★ There are many eye protection desk lamps called stroboscopic-free on the market Most desk lamps work with electronic ballasts to increase the frequency, which can only be called high-frequency flashes rather than true non-stroboscopic desk lamps.
★ DC eye protection lamp, a new milestone in the history of desk lamps. By turning AC power into DC power first, lighting with DC power and DC power supply, it will not flash at all. When used, the light is close to natural light, very bright, but not dazzling at all. Achieve truly no stroboscopic, no radiation.

Style design

Due to the diversity of desk lamps, the size, style, and material of the selected desk lamps are slightly different for different places of use. For example, desk lamps for hotels are much larger than those for home decoration, especially desk lamps for hotel lobby, which are larger in size and thick and luxurious. The European style antique desk lamp is durable and durable, with the European-style architectural style, it has the effect of icing on the cake.
Modern business hotel suites are equipped with some modern and simple desk lamps, which are refreshing and simple, and will not be muddy, but also refreshing. The luxurious and high-end desk lamp is matched with the suitable environment. When the space effect is good, whether the lamp is on or off is a work of art! So for designers, you must consider whether the style, style, price, etc. of the desk lamp you design meets such needs.

How to use the desk lamp

Many parents buy eye protection lamps for their children in order to protect their eyesight. In fact, whether these lamps have eye protection effects is still lacking conclusive and scientific evidence. Therefore, to protect your eyesight, the key is to learn to use desk lamps correctly, rather than blindly hope for eye protection lamps. How to use desk lamp correctly? Let’s take a look below:
First, the degree of the bulb should be appropriate. If the degree is too low and the light on the book is dim, it is not easy for us to see the writing. This will cause visual fatigue and will cause myopia after a long time. Treatment of myopia will become a daily necessity. If the light bulb is too high, excessive light will be reflected into our eyes through the white paper surface, causing glare, which will continue to shrink the pupils , which will cause eye pain and headaches. In general, the brightness of incandescent lamps from 25 watts to 45 watts is the most suitable.
Second, the height of the desk lamp is also very important. Usually, when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, you can see the writing clearly, and you will not be tired too much. Based on this, the height of the desk lamp is more suitable to be 40-50 cm away from the writing. The brightness.
If the desk lamp is too low, it will cause the light to shine in a too small range, and the surroundings will be dark. Losing the reference object for long-distance vision will cause the eye adjustment systems to be in a tightly compressed state of looking only at the near position, which is easy to fatigue the eyes and accumulate quickly, resulting in “light source myopia”. If the desk lamp is too high, the light will directly hit our eyes and produce glare; at the same time, the close-range strong light will also cause light retention on the retina, which will tighten the eye muscles and accelerate the decline of vision, so usually know about the treatment of myopia Also have to master.
Third, the size of the light bulb must match the lampshade, to ensure that the light bulb is just covered in the lampshade, to avoid direct light to our eyes.
Fourth, use white bulbs. Scientific research has confirmed that our vision is best under white light, so choose incandescent or frosted lamps that emit soft and even white light instead of colored bulbs.
Finally, the placement of the desk lamp has a great influence on vision. Because most people write with their right hand, the desk lamp should be placed in front of the left side of the body. When writing, no shadow will be formed on the paper by the hand. The light on the paper will not be reflected into our eyes and cause glare. In this way, it will not affect my vision and cause myopia and other problems.



The alternating current in China is 50 Hz, and the brightness of the incandescent lamp changes 100 times per second. Electric lamps that directly use alternating current all flicker. The flashing frequency of incandescent lamps is 100 times per second, which is twice the frequency of the power grid.
The sensory changes that the human eye can perceive are within 30 Hz, and the light changes 100 times per second (from light to dark, then from dark to light, …) Although we will not perceive it, some studies say that these changes (flash (Motion) will have an effect on the human eye.
If strong light acts on the human eye, the pupil in the eye will contract; for weak light, the pupil will enlarge.
Therefore, an electric lamp directly applied with alternating current is harmful to the eyes (referring to students who often use electric lamps to read books). Someone invented the high-frequency lamp, which changes tens of thousands of times per second. Since the human eye has no time to change with it, it can’t feel the change at all, so it can be said to be “unchanged” and achieve the purpose of eye protection. To convert ordinary 50Hz AC power into high-frequency AC power, use electronic frequency conversion. That is, in high-frequency lamps, the 50 Hz alternating current is first converted into high-frequency alternating current, and then the high-frequency alternating current is used for lighting.
However, the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation also increases, i.e., high-frequency electromagnetic radiation lamp, a fluorescent lamp than ordinary incandescent electromagnetic radiation large, it may cause other injury. In addition, high-frequency flashing does not mean not flashing.
(1) Warning:
  1. Do not approach the lamp tube when using combustible materials such as medium paper and cloth. (Avoid fire)
2. When installing or wiping the lamp, be sure to turn off the power. (Avoid electric shock)
  (2) Attention:
  1. Please use the lamp with the specified power. (Avoid shortening the life of the lamp)
2. When installing the lamp, please confirm whether it is inserted into the lamp holder. (Avoid falling and being injured)
3. Do not bump the lamp tube to avoid injury. (Avoid damage and injury)
4. Do not touch the lamp tube during use or after extinguishing the lamp. (Avoid burns)
5. Do not use in places with high humidity or high temperature.
  (Three), matters needing attention:
  1.When used at low temperatures, it takes a while for the lamp to fully light up, and the light will flash when it is lit, which is normal.
2. When the lamp starts to use, it is normal to have black near the electrode or small spots on the top during use.


In the lamp market, more and more parents are eager to give their children healthy and safe eye protection lamps. However, in the face of different styles and more and more attention to the appearance of eye protection desk lamps , can parents recognize them? So which desk lamps are not true eye protection desk lamps?
1. Desk lamp with energy saving lamp as light source.
Any use of energy-saving lamps as light sources, there will be strobe. Studies have shown that electromagnetic radiation and strobe are one of the biggest causes of myopia in young people.
2. A desk lamp using a high-frequency electronic ballast.
With high-frequency electronic ballasts, strobes can’t be felt by the eyes. However, it still exists in the form of waves. Moreover, the electromagnetic wave radiation emitted by high-frequency electronic ballasts will seriously damage the brains of developing children, as well as the retina.
3. The height of the desk lamp should be greater than 40 cm.
If the height of the lamp is below 40 cm, flush with the human eye or slightly lower, it is easy to produce a large contrast of light and dark, so that the eye is constantly adjusting to adapt to the change of light and dark; at the same time, the structure of the lamp should properly block the side For strong light, when looking at the lamp at a height of 40 cm, the inner wall of the reflector and the light source should not be seen, otherwise it will cause glare. These are easy to cause visual fatigue, and long-term use will affect vision.
Sadly, in the eye protection market, manufacturers have produced a lot of cartoon small desk lamps in order to cater to the cheapness of the picture, only for children to like, regardless of their health.
Therefore, it is recommended that parents should choose professional non-radiation and non-stroboscopic DC lamps when giving children special lamps. In this way, both strobe and high-frequency electromagnetic radiation are directly eliminated, and it is also highly suitable for children to use.

The main purpose


When it comes to LED desk lamps, everyone is familiar, and users include the elderly, middle-aged, working youth, students and so on. So what are the uses of LED? For example, it is used for study, reading, work, field, power failure and other lighting. This is also a common use in life. It is because of its many uses and the low price. It is convenient to carry. Some LED desk lamps can be folded, which is more convenient for users to carry and store.


LED desk lamp is one of the home appliances. With the advancement of modern technology, more and more types of LED desk lamp. The structure and technology of the LED desk lamp are more in line with the use of the majority of users, and can play a role in environmental protection , power saving , eye protection and durability .
Suitable for all hotels, bars, rooms, cafes, living rooms, offices, study rooms and outdoor places, etc., can be used as gifts for friends, family, classmates, and can be used as home decoration …

Post time: May-21-2020