LED desk lamp is so popular, basically have 7 factors!

LED desk lamp in abounds since become public all the time to serve as the supplies of domestic adornment, bedroom adornment, office study. And when consumer is buying LED desk lamp, the exterior place that may be acted the role of by LED lamp commonly is misguided, decide oneself price view thereby, actually decide LED desk lamp popularity basically has the following 7 big factors.

I.The chip used in LED desk lamp is different

There are domestic chips and Taiwan chips as well as imported chips. Chips vary widely in price. Currently, the most expensive chips are from the United States, followed by Japanese and German chips. The lowest-priced Chips are from Taiwan, which dissipate less heat.

Ii. LED packaging is different

Resin packaging and silicone packaging. Resin packages are less expensive. Everything else is the same. Silicone packaging heat dissipation performance is good, so the price is a little more expensive than resin packaging;

Iii. Whether the LED color is consistent

At present, there are many packaging plants in China. Large and small add up to also have thousands of, of course, also have the strength of the strong and weak points. There are a lot of small packaging plants because there is no spectrophotometric separators, so either spectrophotometric separations, or is exported, so it is difficult to ensure the quality;


Iv. Differences in LED welding effects

LED welding effect: THE assembly of LED ribbon can be divided into two kinds: manual welding and machine welding. Hand welding is the use of iron, the most primitive method of welding. In this way of operation, the products are ugly in appearance, and the electrostatic maintenance measures are not good. Many LED chips are broken down, leading to the phenomenon of slightly bright or not bright when powered on. Machine welding is done by reflow welding, machine welding is not the same. Not only the welded product looks beautiful, but also the chip will not be burnt by static electricity phenomenon. At the same time, LED position and direction are more beautiful;

Five, FPC material

FPC is divided into calendering copper and copper compress two kinds. Copper clad plate is cheaper, calendered copper is more expensive;

Sixth, whether the LED lamp has patent

Those with patents are more expensive; those without patents are cheaper;

Seven, LED brightness

The prices of leds vary according to their brightness. The price difference between ordinary and highlighted leds is quite large. So the price of LED desk lamp and illuminant have very direct relation, the price of desk lamp of good illuminant is expensive.


Post time: Aug-10-2020