What factors depend on the expensive LED desk lamp?

LED table lamps can be said to be seen everywhere in our lives. It is decorated with the beauty of the night and dotted with the beauty of the city. It also provides life needs for people who love to learn and work. Therefore, LED table lamps have gradually become the mainstream of large and small cities.

There are many brands of LED table lamps, and when we consume in the LED table lamp market, we often give priority to the big brands. The other is the appearance and practicality of LED table lamps. Those who have been exposed to the price of LED table lamps know that some big brands Or some of the more practical LED desk lamps are more expensive, so why are they so expensive? What are the expensive factors? Let’s take a look together today!


One of the reasons why LED desk lamps are expensive is that the chips used in LED desk lamps are different from other desk lamps.

There are domestic and Taiwanese chips as well as imported chips. The price of chips varies greatly. At present, the most expensive American chips are followed by Japanese chips and German chips. The lowest-priced Taiwanese chips have poor heat dissipation performance.

Second: The package of LED desk lamp is different

Divided into resin packaging and silicone packaging. The price of resin encapsulation is cheaper. Everything else is the same. The silicone package has good heat dissipation performance, so the price is slightly more expensive than the resin package.

Third: Is the color of the LED desk lamp the same?

At present, there are many packaging factories in China. There are thousands of big and small companies, and of course there are strengths and weaknesses. There are many small packaging factories that do not have spectroscopy and color separation machines, so they either do not perform spectroscopy or are outsourced, so it is difficult to guarantee the quality.

Fourth: the different welding effects of LED desk lamps

LED welding effect: The assembly of LED light strips is divided into manual welding and machine welding. Manual soldering is to use a soldering iron, using the most primitive method for soldering. The products with this kind of operation have an ugly appearance and poor electrostatic maintenance measures. Many LED chips have been broken down, resulting in dim light or no light when power is applied. Machine soldering uses reflow soldering, but machine soldering is different. Not only the appearance of the soldered product is beautiful, but the chip will not be damaged by static electricity. At the same time, the LED position and direction are more beautiful.

Fifth: FPC material of LED desk lamp

FPC is divided into two types: rolled copper and copper-clad. Copper clad laminates are cheaper, and rolled copper is more expensive.

Sixth: Does the LED desk lamp have a patent certificate?

Patented ones are more expensive, and those without patents are cheaper.

Seventh: the brightness of the LED desk lamp

The price of LEDs with different brightness is different. The price difference between ordinary brightness and high brightness LED is quite large. Therefore, the price of LED desk lamps is directly related to the light source, and the price of a good light source desk lamp is expensive.

Post time: Oct-10-2020