What Is A Wake-up Lamp?

What is the best wake-up lamp?

Waking up is no fun. We all know how it feels to enter late at night, only to be suddenly pulled by a rude alarm clock. Thankfully, the alarm clock has changed a lot in the past few years, so the feeling of awakening the cold may soon become a thing of the past.Thanks to extensive research on sleep science and how we wake up, there are many products on the market that can help you fall asleep, stay asleep at night, and then get up easily.
When buying an alarm clock for phototherapy, there are some things to consider. For beginners, you will want to consider whether you are looking for any other function of the alarm clock. For example, some of them provide sleep tracking, while others double as Bluetooth speakers. There are even features that allow you to turn off the actual clock at night to keep the room dark and dark.

What is a wake-up lamp?

The Flashine wake-up lamp simulates the sun in the summer morning: 30 minutes before you get up, the light will gradually brighten. When the light hits your eyes, it will promote the secretion of energy hormones in the body. When you are still asleep, let you Your body is ready to get up so that you can feel the energy in your body after getting up;
Special sound design-with FM radio function and simulated natural sound effects, it will gradually sound at the scheduled wake-up time, helping you get up more relaxed and happy;
It can also be used as a bedside reading light, and the brightness can be adjusted.
Excellent product design is suitable for placing in the bedroom;
Easy operation and replaceable light bulbs;

How does the wake-up lamp work?

Medical research has confirmed that human sleep has its inherent mechanism, and natural wake-up is in accordance with the laws of the human body clock. Light is a necessary condition for waking up naturally and a biological alarm clock in the human body. In the early morning, when the human body feels gradually stronger sunlight, the secretion of melatonin will decrease, the secretion of serotonin will increase, and the metabolism will speed up. People gradually transition from deep sleep to light sleep until they wake up.
Waking up in the morning, the wake-up light at 6:30 will gradually light up with the music of the mobile app, simulating the morning sunlight, the color of the light gradually changes from off-white before sunrise, gradually changes to orange and red at sunrise, then gradually changes from orange to bright orange Color, let you wake up naturally through the gradually increasing light.
Falling asleep at night, the wake-up lamp at 6:30 turns into a comfortable light blue, so that the whole body can be truly relaxed. At the same time set the App’s delayed light off function, the light will gradually dim, and the light will automatically go out after you fall asleep. To create a healthy and relaxed sleep environment for you, eliminate the fatigue of a day’s work.
Emotional regulation, from the perspective of color psychology, color directly affects people’s feelings *, different colors produce different visions, and vision can affect people’s various psychological activities and spiritual lives. Therefore, the lighting color atmosphere plays an important role in regulating people’s body and mind. The color of the light is closely related to people’s mental and physical health. The conclusion is that because people’s psychology is subjectively active, it will inevitably affect people’s love and preference for the color of the light. Different lighting colors reflect different mental and physical health levels. Different light colors represent many different meanings. Changing the light color will inevitably affect the individual’s mental and physical state.
When night comes, adjust the 6:30 wake-up lamp to the color that best suits your mood at that time, so that the light becomes the best mood regulator for body and mind.
The fun mode, the red light swaying at 6:30, makes the women look more charming and enhances the emotional exchange between each other. The light flashes with the rhythmic music of the mobile app, and the emotions hidden in the heart are released the most.

Post time: May-18-2020